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Sarah Thomas Moffat

Sarah Thomas Moffat, Director of Photography, is a member of the CSC, IATSE, WIFT and PADI. With twenty years in the film and television industry, Sarah has dedicated herself to the craft of cinematography. Commercial, narrative, documentary, and factual – Sarah has lit and filmed every genre. Her work has reached TIFF, Hotdocs and many other festivals internationally. Sarah’s broadcast work has aired on CBC, Bravo, APTN, Discovery, History, Animal Planet, as well as commercial air time and online.

Sarah is a Northern Explorer of Light for Canon Canada and speaks on technology nationally. She also writes technical columns for Canadian Cinematographer and other publications, while creating her own content at Education is something Sarah also produces, designing workshops for Raindance Canada, WIFT, Profusion, and others. Utilizing her CAN/UK dual citizenship, Sarah travels internationally with her work. Her work ethic is communication, focus and professionalism to see a project through.

Some of her acknowledgements include:

  • CSC nomination, Best Cinematography in a Performance "Glorious"
  • Best Cinematography 48hrR&G "Fizz"
  • Best Dramatic Short-TOIFF "The Letter"
  • Pro’s Pick, Cinematography "Mean Business"
  • LA Movie Awards-Award of Excellence "Fortune Cookie"
  • We Like 'em Short Film Festival-Best Cinematography "Fortune Cookie"
  • COMMFFest Global Community Film Festival-Best Documentary "Kanata"


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