EOS M Series - watch video

Compact and powerful, the EOS M Series is a new breed of mirrorless digital cameras that fit advanced performance into portable and lightweight packages that can answer virtually any need. Led by the highly advanced EOS M5 camera, and joined by the powerful EOS M6, the simple to use EOS M100 and a great line-up of exclusive interchangeable EF-M lenses; EOS M compact cameras travel anywhere and are equipped to handle whatever you need, wherever you need it.


Canon's Best Compact Camera Ever

Standing at the top of the EOS M series line, the EOS M5 camera offers the incredible speed, performance and advanced features that experienced photographers are looking for. It packs the brilliant image quality characteristic of the EOS series, lightning-fast autofocus through Dual Pixel CMOS AF, an electronic viewfinder and more in a highly portable design.

WiFi®*, NFC** and Bluetooth®* Technology
Built-in EVF
24.2 Megapixel

7 fps continuous shooting
Dual Pixel CMOS AF
3.2-inch tilt, touchscreen LCD

Outstanding Performance. Lightweight Design.

From vacations in exotic places to a daytrip with friends and family, the compact EOS M6 interchangeable lens camera can easily fit into your life and save unforgettable moments through incredibly detailed photos and videos. Easy to use with customizable controls, a tiltable LCD, and ultra-fast Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the EOS M6 is the camera for every part of your life.

WiFi®*, NFC** and Bluetooth® Technology
24.2 Megapixel
Dual Pixel CMOS AF

7 fps continuous shooting
DiG!C 7 image processor
3.0-inch tilt, touchscreen LCD

EOS M100

The Power of an EOS Camera, Simplified.

For superb performance in a compact and incredibly portable body, look no further than the EOS M100. Stylish, simple and fun-to-use, it has a powerful Canon CMOS sensor and the DIG!C 7 Image Processor, offers compatibility with numerous interchangeable lenses and features built-in Wi-Fi®*, NFC** and Bluetooth® for easy sharing.

WiFi®*, NFC** and Bluetooth® Technology
24.2 Megapixel
Dual Pixel CMOS AF

4 fps continuous shooting
DiG!C 7 image processor
3.0-inch tilt, touchscreen LCD


EF-M* lenses are compact, lightweight and made just for EOS M series digital cameras. A wide variety of lenses are available, featuring advanced technologies like STM (stepping motors) for quiet and smooth operation, Optical IS for minimizing blur and one model that features the world’s first built-in Macro Lite. The EF-M 18–150mm f/3.5–6.3 IS STM’s impressive 8.3x zoom range even offers both wide angle and telephoto capture in one lens. With excellent image stabilization for low-light performance, impressive optics and more, EF-M lenses are suited to take both stills and HD video in a wide range of situations.

*When using an EF-M lens, there is a 1.6x conversion factor (focal length x 1.6).


EF-M 11–22mm f/4−5.6 IS STM

With its wide-angle focal range, the EF-M 11–22mm f/4–5.6 IS STM is an excellent choice for group photos, dramatic landscapes and photography in tight spaces.


EF-M 22mm f/2 STM

Ultra slim and compact, the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM has a bright f/2.0 lens aperture that delivers exceptional low-light performance, and helps create beautiful background blur for dramatic imagery.


EF-M 18–150mm f/3.5–6.3 IS STM

The EF-M 18–150mm f/3.5–6.3 IS STM is a high zoom ratio lens for EOS M series digital cameras. With an approximately 8.3x zoom range it’s capable of both wide-angle and telephoto images, allowing you to hone in on the ripples of a shimmering lake, or capture the entire view with a single lens. Optical image stabilization helps minimize blur due to camera shake, and quiet STM motors make it a great fit for recording videos.

EF-M 18–55mm f/3.5−5.6 IS STM

With a broad focal length range ideal for landscapes, portraiture and most everything in between, the EF-M 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM is a great walk-around lens for general photography and moviemaking.

EF-M 15–45mm f/3.5−6.3 IS STM

Compact and lightweight, the EF-M 15–45mm f/3.5–6.3 IS STM is an ideal companion for EOS M series digital cameras, especially when size and weight are a concern. Its 15–45mm focal length is well suited to all-day use.


EF-M 55–200mm f/4.5−6.3 IS STM

The EF-M 55–200mm f/4.5–6.3 IS STM offers an extended zoom range that makes faraway subjects fill the camera’s frame, meaning it’s just right for portraiture, sports and wildlife photography.


EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM

The world’s lightest macro lens* and the world’s first macro lens with a built-in Macro Lite**, the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM is equipped with advanced technologies that bring out bold detail in macro photography and everyday scenes.

Mount Adapter EF–EOS M

The Mount Adapter EF-EOS M allows Canon EF and EF-S lenses along with the acclaimed L Series lenses to be mounted on Canon EOS M series digital cameras. It is fully compatible with all lens functions including image stabilization and autofocus.